ESPN Rules!

Sometimes I think I spend way too much time watching ESPN. Whether it’s keeping up with my fantasy teams or watching Sports Center, I think it’s amazing how long ESPN has been on top of its game. While I’ve gotten a bit tired of Chris Berman’s booming voice, ESPN has remained consistently funny, real and well-produced. I think of all the great ESPN commercials and cool iconic features (Jacked up! Web gems, NFL Prime Time) and lingo (as cool as the other side of the pillow) that they’ve created over the years. Every now and then it even dabbles into real life issues such as race and drugs.

I’m not sure how long its run will continue but I hope it does. Just today ESPN had a couple of funny as hell features. First was a blurb about a NASCAR race where this Kingsford Charcoal race car caught fire. So there’s this frontal shot with the huge Kingsford logo on the hood, smoke and flames are spewing out of the vehicle! And then a piece on Clifford Ray saving a dolphin by extracting a screw out of dolphin’s mouth. It happened a long time ago but there’s this hilarious interview with a veterinarian talking about the challenges for Ray in extracting the bolt. He deadpans that Ray must first get by 80 or 90 really sharp teeth before exploring the stomach. ESPN has got this interview going with a picture of a smiling dolphin with its teeth and the announcer is cracking up so badly she can’t even finish her close… Chuckle, funny stuff!

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