Speed Kills in Fantasy Baseball!

Or at least it can kill you if you don’t have any. Just finished up our fantasy draft last week and I’ve been on the prowl for some cheap speed. I’ve got a handful of everyday players with good speed (ASoriano, BPhillips) but not enough to keep up with somebody who might have a JReyes. So my strategy was to find a bunch of 20 – 30 SB guys that could collectively take on the speediest teams. And one thing is for sure, speed can be had on the cheap. Last year I had Shane Victorino but dropped him after the first week, bad idea! I won’t be making that mistake again this year. What’s also great about speed is that teams that don’t have speed, always seem keen on finding it during the season. So it’s great trade bait for the plodding teams.

Who am I hot on this year? Well first, I’m a big fan of Ryan Theriot, Chicago Cubs. He’s good for 20+ SB’s, 90+ runs and has multi-position availability. At OF I grabbed Michael Bourne who was stuck behind Victorino but just as fast. Good contact/BAvg numbers, I’m thinking he’s good for 40+. I’ve also grabbed Asdrubal Cabrera who’s batting 2nd in a strong CLE lineup. He may be a huge steal overall, Cabrera really shined late in the season and showed good speed in the minors. And finally, I just added Eugenio Velez who appears to be sticking with the SF Giants. This team won’t score a lot of runs and will have to cut loose all their speed on the basepaths to make up for lack of power. And this guy can fly, tons of SB’s in the minors, don’t expect anything different in the majors.

There’s also a handful of other guys that I’d keep an eye out on: Rajai Davis and Carlos Gomez to name a few. Overall you can get speed on the cheap and not only does it kill, it’s great for trading!

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