Cat Food Con

Last year I had to put my male Bengal cat Clyde to sleep which was an awful experience. This past spring, my female cat started exhibiting similar problems: diarrhea, weight loss and lethargy. I immediately brought her to the vet and they wanted to go through the same diagnostics: blood test, ultrasound, etc. After my last experience, I had to say no. I really didn’t think Bonnie was in the same situation, she had lost some weight but not a lot. And she seemed to have some cold symptoms so I thought she could just be under the weather. The likelihood of her having cancer like Clyde was really against the odds. So I wasn’t sure why the vet was pushing so hard for all these tests.

After some thinking, I started looking at changing her diet. Research online (just google “food pets die for”) helped me understand what the commercial pet food industry has done to our furry friends. They put some of the most awful ingredients together, flavor it, extrude it into pet kibble and then put some happy pet commercials on TV. And it’s a total joke, which is being played on us, the consumer. I’ve always fed my cats Iams which is one of the premium pet food but in the end, it’s not much better than the others: too much by-products, too much carbs and just not healthy for your cat. I ended up moving Bonnie over to all Nutro products and have been mostly feeding her wet pouch food. Since then, her stools are pretty solid and normal, first time in years.

So what’s the lesson learned here? Buy good quality pet food if you care for your buddy. It costs a bit more but it’s worth it for their overall health. And second, watch out for vets. In my limited experience they may often be well-meaning but too ready to send your animal through a battery of expensive exams and diagnostics. And given that the patient can’t say no, it’s too easy for them to convince you of un-needed work. In the end, your pet is part of your family so follow your instincts on the best course of treatment to keep them healthy!

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