San Francisco: Beyond the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz…

As an ex-resident of San Francisco, I can honestly say that it is one of the weirdest, most unusual and wackiest cities around.  And I don’t regret living there, you see a side to people and mankind that’s unlike anywhere else in the country.  When people come to visit San Francisco they think of all the usual tourist things: Ghiradelli Square, giant redwood trees and Chinatown.  When I think of San Francisco, I think of the Bay to Breakers 10K, Gay Pride parade and the Exotic Erotic Ball.  Your exposure to all the oddities of the City is WAY different than what visitors will usually see and experience.  Everyone has stories, including myself.

One of the odder occurrences I had was meeting an adult film star.  I stepped into one of my favorite cocktail lounges on Larkin Street which happens to be across the way from a couple of gentleman’s clubs.  I ask the bartender if he has seen my friend Angella, we were both frequent visitors of this bar so I figured she might have shown up early.  He points me over to the end of the bar, I head over and whoa, it’s not Angella but another woman decked out in sweats.  She puts out her hand and says “Hi, I’m Angelica”.  So easy mistake, the bartender must have misheard me.  I’m surprised but in an effort to be polite, shake her hand and start chatting with her.  The fact that she’s a very attractive brunette is a bonus.  She’s intrigued by all the motorcycle gear I’m wearing so we chat away, happily.  Eventually my friend Angella does show up, I end up talking to Angelica’s seated boyfriend and Angella ends up entertaining our new friend, Angelica.

Over time we realize that Angelica is an exotic dancer on break and the dude next to her is probably her boyfriend or maybe pimp?  She’s telling us about the store she wants to open in Las Vegas for fetish-wear and on and on.  I’m chatting up the boyfriend and probably boring him to tears but better than pissing him off and having him go ballistic.  By the end of the night, Angelica is our best friend, and is all flirty with me and my friend Angella.  She even nibbles on my neck a bit like a little vampire.  Talk turns to the upcoming Exotic Erotic ball and then it’s time for Angelica to leave and dance her next set.  She pulls out two glossy photos of herself, signs them for me and Angella and says we need to hang out again.  I look over by autographed photo and on the back is her personal cell number, whoa!

Once she leaves, Angella are sitting there, comparing notes and laughing at the whole episode.  Neither of us really knew what was going on.  After getting home we both google her online and yes, she’s an exotic dancer and adult film star.  Angelica does end up calling Angella later on that week (Angella’s a very attractive woman) but is too freaked out to return the call.  So there you go, my brush with exotic fame.  And turns out that this dancer/actress Angelica is from North Carolina so I guess the world is getting smaller all the time.  What can I say but San Francisco is a very open-minded city where pretty much anything goes.  Just roll with the punches and enjoy the ride…

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