Women and Tall Guys, Don’t Let it Get the Breast of You


Have you ever noticed how women just love tall guys?  Not just the tall women but the short, barely 5-footers love to look up at a tall dude.  And its been shown that most corporate executives are pretty tall and that every inch of height represents an average salary increase.  As a shorter dude, does it bother me a bit?  Sure it does because it all sounds so superficial and in all honesty, the world can be pretty superficial at times.  But when it comes to choosing guys, I think it can be a dangerous way for women to make a decision.


I’m pretty sure when a girl meets a taller guy, she’s thinking he’s super-masculine and can protect her.  And maybe he’s hung like an elephant.  All reasonable assumptions to make but in my experience, not always so accurate.  I remember my friend, Annie who had a super-tall boyfriend.  Annie was barely 5′ tall and her guy Matt was 6′ 6″.  A baseball pitcher in college, a bit lanky, she would show him off to friends and family.  But as a guy I noticed that Matt would always avoid going out with Annie and her friends.  I suspected he didn’t like me much because I was really close with Annie and even though she was super-attractive, I had never slept with her or even made much of an effort.  But I sensed he was uncomfortable with me around and all I could think was “what a bitch!”  So over the two-plus years they dated, I never made much mention of him but as a guy judging another guy, I really didn’t think much of him.


Fast-forward to the end of their relationship.  Annie and Matt had shared an expensive apartment in the Castro (SF) and had been having difficulties.  She had some friction with his family and things hadn’t been going well.  She comes home one night and the place has been cleared out.  Matt had taken all his stuff and disappeared.  No letter, no call, no voicemail to explain the situation. Just up and left my friend Annie after 2+ years like a whisper in the night.  She’s now saddled with an expensive apartment lease and thinking WTF?!  And all I can think was that guy was a total pussy.  And I wasn’t far off in my opinion of him as a man, regardless of his height.


Now in comparison for guys, I know we like large breasts, boobs, whatever you want to call it.  For a while all the women I dated and chased after were all C-cups and larger. And dear Denise with her Double-D’s, the angels sang from the heavens the first time I saw her naked.  There’s nothing like a nice pair of boobs to accentuate a woman’s figure.  But while I loved Denise’s breasts, they were just a part of her.  She had an average face, she was bright and reasonably ambitious.  I didn’t let her lovely and beautiful boobs color my vision of who she was as a woman and a dating partner.  Eventually it didn’t work out between her and I, no big deal (pun intended).


What I’m getting at is ladies, don’t overlook what a man is about just because of his height.  Whether he’s short or tall, he better have the qualities, personality, brains and heart to be a good partner.  And certainly don’t assume just because a guy is tall that he is the MAN (or a Renaissance man like Neil Tyson Degrasse, see above).  In my experience, tall dudes are often pretty gawky and awkward which is the price they pay for their length.  The average Special Forces guy, some of the fittest dudes on the planet, are usually 5′ 10″ to 6′ for a reason.


The point is that while I love a good pair of boobs, they don’t overwhelm and over-ride by overall opinion of a woman and what she brings to the table.  Recently my friend posted pics on her Facebook of her and her new guy Brian, a super-tall guy that towers over her.  While all the women were liking the photo and oohing and aww-ing all I could think was, “damn, that guy is sort of an ugly mofo”.  I’m just hoping he doesn’t abandon her two years into their relationship but yeah, I need to meet the guy and see!


Now y’all don’t have to agree with me, especially the tall guys but what can I say?  A great person is a great person and a shitty person a shitty person regardless of height and/or breast size.  So sure enjoy his height and notice her great rack but you might want to scratch the surface and get in a little deeper when you want to consider and invest in a dating partner.  It’s not all about getting Likes on Facebook my friend…



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