The Romantic Power of a Post-It Note

sticky-note-294627_640You know what I’m talking about, the bright yellow sticky notes you find all around the office and home as little reminders.  Normally they represent work to me but I’ve found that some good can come out of a Post-It note.  In fact, I’ve found that those little yellow stickies are powerful tools in my dating life.  Confused?  Well then read on, my friend…


Let’s roll the clock back and I’m in San Francisco and doing my laundry in the laundry room of my small apartment building.  While popping my clothes into the dryer I strike up a conversation with a pretty blue-eyed blonde doing her wash.  Over the course of 10 minutes we realize we both work for the same company albeit in different departments.  I say goodbye to Jennifer, head on upstairs and have a DOH! Homer Simpson moment.  Dude, why didn’t you ask her out for a date?!  I head on back down to the laundry room and Jennifer is gone.  Clothes has been loaded in the washer but she’s back up in her apartment.


Now the apartment building is not big, 16 units but I have no clue what her name is and of course, which unit she’s in.  So I trudge back upstairs, annoyed at myself with the lack of foresight to ask her out right there and then.  Then brilliance strikes, I grab my yellow Post-It pad and leave her a note on her washer.  Something to the effect that I wanted to continue our conversation over a glass of wine.  It’s a long shot but what the hell.  I head on back upstairs folding my clothes and then 30 minutes later there’s a knock on my door.  And yes, it’s Jennifer with a bottle of chilled white wine and a glass in hand, woohoo!  Now could you ever imagine a post-it note could do that?


And if you think it’s a one time occurrence, think again.  Years later, I’m in NC and as I head out back and forth to my car, I see a cute brunette.  Over the course of several weeks, we have several brief neigh-versations.  You know, those short conversations you have with someone you sort of know.  Sarah is in law school at UNC: smart, curvy and very pretty.  I’m trying to work up the courage to ask her out but haven’t had a good opening yet.  Then I realize I’m moving out of Chapel Hill soon and I didn’t know when I would see Sarah again, if ever.  Doh!


So what do I do?  You got it, buddy!  Post-It note on her car because that’s the only thing I knew about her.  A couple of days later I get a call from Sarah and we plan our first date, cha-ching.


Now I’m not claiming that Post-It notes can save the day, every day but darn it!  I’m two for two in getting dates with pretty women with the power of a Post-It note.  So 3M, how about a customer case study?  I’m pretty sure my story about the power of your Post-It notes has never been told….

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