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The Romantic Power of a Post-It Note

You know what I’m talking about, the bright yellow sticky notes you find all around the office and home as little reminders.  Normally they represent work to me but I’ve found that some good can come out of a Post-It … Continue reading

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Women and Tall Guys, Don’t Let it Get the Breast of You

Have you ever noticed how women just love tall guys?  Not just the tall women but the short, barely 5-footers love to look up at a tall dude.  And its been shown that most corporate executives are pretty tall and … Continue reading

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Bad Boys on Business Trips

Have you ever been stuck on a boring old business trip?  Maybe out to Boise or Cleveland with some hum-drum eats, beige hotel room and general malaise?  Yeah, most business trips are not nearly as much fun as people claim … Continue reading

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Wait, did you see that?! – Naked Movie Memories

Does anyone else here think back and remember when you first caught your first sight of some nudity?  Some curvaceous part of the female form?  It might have been your dad’s Playboy magazines.  Or maybe a movie.  I remember being … Continue reading

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Movie Mathematics

Let’s face it, there are really no new movie ideas out there, it’s all pretty derivative… The Martian (2015) + WALL-E (2008) = Passengers (2016) Home Alone 2 (1992) + Leon: The Professional (1994) = The Equalizer (2014) Groundhog Day … Continue reading

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And This Year’s 2012 Academy Award Nominees Are….

Getting ready for the red carpet excitement of the Academy Awards?  Here’s a list of nominees with some video clips to help prepare you for the big night on February 26th… Best Picture “The Artist” “The Descendants” “Extremely Loud & … Continue reading

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The Devil is in the High Def Details!

For those of you who have jumped into the flat-panel, LCD/Plasma TV screen scene, you know what a slippery slope it is. With all those pixels and clarity, the next thing you know you’re upgrading your cable box to HD. … Continue reading

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